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Beautiful Ethnic Jewelry

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Beautiful Ethnic Jewelry
Traditional Mongolian ornaments are an extension of the imagination and reflect the customs of the Mongolian nation, engaged in animal husbandry, environment, nature, climate conditions and social changes. Mongolian jewelry is an invaluable heritage given to us by our ancestors.
The craftsmanship of these ethnic costumes has been perfected over countless centuries of development.
The ornaments of Mongolian unmarried women and married women are completely different. Girls' accessories are simpler and more elegant than married women's. For example, girls generally only wear earrings and bracelets, and nothing else. Married women must wear headgear, especially forehead hoops. Mongolian ornaments can convey information such as a person's social status, age, marriage or not. Mongolian jewelry has developed its use value and function. At the same time, it also reflects the Mongolian living environment, nature worship, and totem concepts. Therefore, through Mongolian jewelry, we can understand the rich connotation of Mongolian culture.
The ornaments of the late 19th century are even more splendidly decorated. The design and color of the jewelry and the combination of ornaments represent the ancient culture of the Mongolian people. Mongolian artisans create wonderful ornaments out of jewelry and gold, silver, coral, pearl, gemstone ornaments.
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