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Ethnic Eewelry

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Ethnic Eewelry
Mongolian ethnic jewelry has a rich history and traditional art of the nation over many centuries. Mongolian national jewelry culture is inextricably linked with the way of life of the Mongolian people, the specific characteristics of the economy, the natural conditions of the country and the culture of the Mongolian nation. It develops along with the development of Mongolian society and is accompanied by Mongolian spread of culture.
Mongolian national costumes, especially the costumes of various ethnic minorities within the Mongolian nation. Due to the impact of modern civilization, especially the impact of European and American civilization, the ethnic ornaments of some ethnic minorities have gradually disappeared, and some are on the verge of disappearing. Now many people don't know the Mongolian minorities and their accessories.
In 1930, the Mongolian government banned the wearing of traditional Mongolian ornaments. This policy has dealt a devastating blow to the inheritance and development of national ornaments. Up to now, we can only see Mongolian national costumes on stage and in museums, and they are one-sided and incomplete. There are also a small number of individual costumes on display in museums.
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