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Bulletproof school bag

Bulletproof school bag

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Bulletproof inner panel

Protection class: NIJ IIIA, can withstand 9mm FMJ and 0.44 Magnum JHP and lower bullets;

Bulletproof inner panel m material: ⁄

Bulletproof inner plate with eight: 0.6kg

Bulletproof inner panel (W*h*t): number cm

Surface material: black waterproof polyester fabric

Backpack with Portable USB Charging Port

Size(w*h*t): Quantity

Capacity: 15-20l

Weight: 0.8 kg


Material: Waterproof polyester

Gross weight: <1.4kg

Package: 1 Nij IIIa Bulletproof Backpack


Ballistics incorporates the latest technology in the construction of its bullet resistant panels, allowing us to provide you with one of the lightest, thinnest and most flexible ballistic packages on the market.

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